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Full Version: Registration / TCB Bounty [2/11 - 2/26]
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1. use the !troll command on in a #trollarmy streamer! Take a screenshot and post it in this thread.
In the case that you don't have enough $trolls, try and use the !troll account anyway, or post in this thread and we 
will ship you some $troll. Barring that hit up @arkadeum / @illegalaccount on make sure its spelled right
there's lots of trolls out there  Big Grin  That's it you mother flowers!

when this thread closes, bounty ends! Happy Trolling!

Payout: { 1000 $Troll }

-payouts will to be made on a daily basis as they come in, or by 3/1/2019

[Bounty expires at 2/26/2019 Pacific time]
I'm gonna !troll dumstream tonight on
ooOOo ya sounds good!
identity theft is not a JOKE!
you have moved up a notch in my book tank!