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Super Mario Maker 2 Bounties - Lil_tank - 08-28-2019

Ladies gents kids everyone. We got some bounties for you SMM2 players.
Beat Good Maps you will get 1000 trolls
Beat Ridiculous maps you will get 3000 trolls
Now Beat any of Roots Maps you will get 5000 trolls
If you beat any of karls map you get 2000 trolls
This has no time limit.  So take your time.

Lets have a good and clean fight also the best score will win only on Karls and roots maps. Also if you guys got your own maps tell me so i can post them and give them a bounty.  Good luck have fun. Also if you are looking at this pass it around for the people that are not Signup on the Forums. Thanks once more. They all be paid by Karl. P.S post screens of said map and send your maps you made thanks.
Team Troll

RE: Super Mario Maker 2 Bounties - illegalaccount - 08-28-2019

Any end of bounty? close and unstick when its done