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How To Add TCB To Your Twitch Channel - serg - 05-11-2018

Trollcoinbot is designed simple, secure & non intrusive. TCB does NOT collect or control your Twitch account credentials & you are not required to sign up for a separate account. Additional advanced broadcaster features such as Spotify playlist integration are available for free with a account that you do connect to your twitch account if so desired.

1, visit while logged into your Twitch account
2, type !join in the TCB channel chatroom, you will see a confirmation that TCB has been added to your channel
3, in your own Twitch channel chatroom type /mod trollcoinbot (required by Twitch global message limits)
4, type !about to confirm TCB respond to commands in your channel

That's it! You & your viewers can now access all TCB services in your channel.