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Trollcoinbot Commands Index - serg - 05-11-2018

Here's a short list of the most commonly used commands.

!balance - Displays your current TrollCoin balance.
Synonymous Command(s): !trolls

!tip - Transfer some TrollCoins from your account wallet to an awesome user.
Required Parameter(s): {User} {Amount}
Syntax: !tip {User} {Amount}
Usage: !tip @TheRootUser 100
Synonymous Command(s): !toss | !throw | !give

!deposit - Displays the TrollCoin wallet address associated with your Twitch account. Use this address when sending TrollCoin to your Twitch account
Synonymous Command(s): !address

!withdraw - Withdrawals TrollCoin from your account wallet to an external wallet address.
Required Parameter(s): {Address} {Amount}
Syntax: !withdraw {Address} {Amount}
Usage: !withdraw WALLET_ADDRESS_HERE 1000
Synonymous Command(s): !cashout | !takemymoney

For a full & up to date list of commands visit: