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Donald Trump and Trollcoin?
Hey fellow trollcoiners!  

I was wondering, why hasn't anyone tried to get Donald Trump to support Trollcoin? I feel like all we need is a good celebrity endorsement and who else other than our superior leader slightlyBelowAveragePenisSerg69? Obviously Trump is a good #2.  

So I was talking to ma boi Serg and he said if we can pool together enough NeoPoints for him, Serg said he'd hit Amazon Prime, get the suction cups, and mother fucking scale trump tower to get Trump his Trollcoins.  

I basically want this to happen again, but with Serg doing it and wearing a Trollcoin hat, Trollcoin socks, maybe a Trollcoin condom? Idk he'd have to stay hard the whole climb up or it'd fall off and that's embarrassing.  

Serg, could you stay hard the whole climb up or nah?
Good Post, but wrong forum

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