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Make a Troll Video! / $$$ TCB Bounty [3/17 - 6/17]
Make a creative video about $Trollcoin!

here are some ideas for video creation bounties:

1, Explain how trolltip on Twitter works and how to use the tipping command

2, Go over the bot dashboard and explain all functionalities and options available to Twitter & twitch users as well as twitch broadcasters

3, [Once operational] A short video explaining how the troll store works and how to purchase items, how to login using your Twitter/Twitter account and using your balance in the checkout process

4, Make a short less than 5 minutes video explaining what trollcoinbot for twitch is, its relationship to trollcoin and how to use basic functionalities adding trollcoinbot to a channel (broadcasters), tipping and using other basic commands in a twitch channel and depositing and withdrawing trollcoin to and from your personal wallet or an exchange

when this thread closes, bounty ends! Happy Trolling!


1. 50,000 $Troll
2. 30,000 $Troll
3. 20,000 $Troll

-payouts are subject to approval by the big boss Sergjievsky

[Bounty expires at 6/17/2019 Pacific time]
here we go
I know it's short but had to do it quickly due to a doctors appointment. And wanted to get it out the way
Hey that's pretty nice, good video! Looks like you got the hang of most of the TrollCoin services. No other entries yet, you maybe taking home the gold!
looks like lil_tank wins, congrats!!! 50k going your way

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