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Twitchcaster Recruitment Bounty
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The PRIMARY goal of Trollcoin is to proliferate on Twitch, the #1 gamer centric livestreaming community.
As such we are always looking for awesome twitchcasters to add TrollcoinBOT to their channel allowing them to accept Trollcoin as stream donations supplemental to their traditional means of subs, bits and streamlabs/paypal platforms, as well as enabling the free flow of tips between their viewers in chat. If nurtured properly by the broadcaster, Trollcoin can become a selling point for viewer retention and value added entertainment.

For each new channel you recruit , you will receive 25,000 Trollcoin. The broadcaster will also receive 25k $troll as a sign on bonus.
There is currently no limit on the number of commissions you can receive, this may change in the future.

Have Affiliate status or see our community as an opportunity to help them reach Affiliate status (they will have a subscribe button and the use of bits)
Stream at least once a week
Should have a good sense of humor & MUST NOT be a snowflake.
Should have a positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies.

to claim your commission, send a tweet to
include the twitch channel and their twitter account if applicable

Signing up for trollcoinbot is simple.
type !join in chat
mod trollcoinbot in your channel
that is a an easy lemon squeezey 25,000 $Trollers!

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