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Staking on RaspberryPi3
I installed Win10 IoT on my rp3 for staking, but wasnt able to get it to run the wallet. Probably my main problem is... I dont have win10 installed on any of my machines(its crap) and so, I dont know if its possible to load an app from desktop to the pi. That's my update. There is some software that emulates x86 on the ARM of the pi, but i have given up.
i would assume staking Trollcoin on a pi3 would be best done on Linux, compiling Trollcoin 2.1 from github source. perhaps @trolladmin could be of help?
coming in late to the party on this one.

Staking would be best done on a linux distro on the raspberry pi, either via the gui raspbian or just another standard command line flavor.

windows10 IoT is also very limited and not very great of a working environment for running programs but more so for programming.
Linux is for newfags I only use FreeBSD
You have impressed me greatly by knowing what FreeBSD is. I tried to send you a FAT deposit (we are talking 100s of thousand of Trolls [probably worth at least $10]) but your address is teh fake Sad

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