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What The Fuck Is Trollcoinbot?
Big Grin 
The purpose of Trollcoinbot is to create an ecosystem of free-flowing money between people on
Subscribing to channels or tipping the Twitch house currency "bits" is a one way street between viewers & broadcasters and Twitch takes about 50% of it all. Don't get us wrong, it's cool & all but there's something BIG missing there & that's where Trollcoinbot comes in. TCB allows ANY user to send money to ANY user. No fees, no cuts, no delay. So simple you probably don't even realize how awesome it is!

So why Trollcoin?
Why the fuck not! Giving $trolls is fun & a perfectly themed currency for the troll-infested community that is Twitch.

Why not use Bitcoin? Trollcoin is like, worthless!
You wanna give someone 0.0005 BTC, no I didn't think so. ~$1,000 will make you a Trollcoin millionaire.. A Trollionaire!

What the fuck do you mean Trollcoin has actual value?
Yeah, it's worth cash money. You can withdraw the Trollcoin in your Twitch account to a crypto-currency exchange, swap it for Bitcoin, then cash out for USD if you so wish. The reverse works just as well.

But I still don't understand what I can do with Trollcoinbot.
Really? Did you not read the previous paragraphs, get the fuck outta here! OK, just kidding, that's what this forum is about. No matter the question we are happy to answer it, even if it's already been answered in this post. Trollcoin is love, $troll is life.

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