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Registration / TCB Bounty [1/31 - 2/8]

1. Register an account and make a post in this thread, if you already have an account then just post. Make sure you have updated the 
Trollcoin Wallet address in your account ( User CP > Edit Profile ). You can get a deposit address
via your desktop wallet or access your Twitch/Twitter accounts accounts at 

Payout: { 500 $Troll }

2. Use the @trollcoinbot on . Use any of the about commands and take a screenshot.
Tip your favorite streamer, or even just check your balance. Please provide screenshot to get paid.
Twitch bot commands available at

Payout: { 500 $Troll }

-Try and keep everything in 1 post
-Total max payout 1000 $Troll
-payouts will to be made on a daily basis as they come in, or by 2/10/2019

-when this thread closes, bounty ends! Happy Trolling!
[Bounty expires at 2/8/2019 12:00am Pacifc time]
Let's get this bounty going everyone, post up!
Sir pls send my $troll asap, must feed mi fam!

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(02-01-2019, 03:56 AM)serg Wrote: Sir pls send my $troll asap, must feed mi fam!

ah very nice serg here you go

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